Transition Announcement


Dear AOPM supporters,
I am writing to tell you that my season at Alamance-Orange Prison Ministry is
coming to an end. August 31 will be my last day as chaplain. First Mennonite
Church (Lincoln, NE) has called me to be their pastor, and Laura and I have accepted
the call. We are excited about congregational ministry in Lincoln, and we are excited
to be closer to our families.  

I have a heavy heart as I begin to say farewell. The past few years of ministry among
the men, volunteers, and staff at Orange Correctional Center have been incredibly
fulfilling. Both personally and professionally, I am grateful for your diverse and
gracious witness. My family and I have been blessed by your support, patience, and
encouragement. I thank you for the ways in which you have shaped (and will
continue to shape) my understanding of ministry and theology.

I am hopeful about AOPM’s future. As you continue to provide space for formative
worship, study, and fellowship at Orange Correctional, I am confident that your
ministry and support will shape the next chaplain.  

I pray for the future of AOPM. I pray especially for clarity as God leads you to your
next chaplain. I thank you, and will miss you and this ministry at Orange greatly. 


Dave Nickel, Chaplain
Alamance-Orange Prison Ministry
P.O. Box 9932
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

P.S.: I thank you for continuing to support AOPM through this time of transition.
Applications are coming in, and the search committee will begin interviewing July
15. Please click here to see our online job description. Feel free to share with any
qualified candidates that may be interested.