Parent Day

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Parent Day Photo 1
The bright winter sunshine outside spilled into the Peace Center, creating a bright and warm spot for Parent Day in early February.

Sixteen children and their fathers (12 in total) spent the day together playing board games and corn hole toss (with some pretty intense competition!), decorating wooden “treasure boxes,” eating lunch prepared by men at the cook school, picking out books (the result of a 4H club book drive) for the children to take home, talking, laughing, and learning a bit more about each other. As always, saying Parent Day Photo 3good-bye at the end was difficult.

parent day photo 4During our debriefing session with the men, a number of them made a point of saying how much they appreciated the one-on-one time with their children which allowed them to have longer and more in-depth conversations than they can during regular visitation.


Thanks to the wonderful community volunteers, Our Children’s Place, and the staff at OCC for making the day possible.

~Melissa Radcliffe