Message from Chaplain Love to Churches and Supporters

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Grace and Peace to you, AOPM Supporters:

I hope this email finds you safe and in good health. First, I would like to thank you all for your unconditional support for the ministry at Orange Correctional Center over the years. Many men have been blessed by your prayers, generosity, and support. I would like to provide you with a brief update. As of today, OCC is still restricting visitors and volunteers from the facility. Alamance Orange Prison Ministry will keep the website updated with information to keep you all well informed.

The men are doing well, and there are no confirmed Covid-19 cases at OCC. Warden Cobb put restrictions in place early on, and it appears to be effective. Each dorm has sanitizer dispensers, and all the residents were given masks. Residents in each dorm are allowed to watch movies together on Sunday morning in the Peace Center. On Friday, May 15, 2020, 173 residents received toothpaste, soap, lotion, and deodorant. To date, 11 residents have been released early due to Covid-19. Also, AOPM Board of Directors have been providing staff from all shifts with hot meals weekly.


We are still in need of men’s clothing and hygiene products. All clothing and hygiene donations will be coordinated through Alamance Orange Prison Ministry to reduce to spread of Covid-19 among staff members. Please contact the chaplain or AOPM board chair to drop off donations at Donations can be dropped off at Orange Correctional Center’s Peace Center on Fridays between 9 am-2 pm.

Per Warden Cobb’s request, all donated hygiene items must be prepackaged due to the safety of the residents. AOPM decided to provide all residents with hygiene items this month due to financial hardships on many residents’ families. The ministry is currently in need of solid stick deodorant, lotion, soap, toothpaste, and shampoo for May and June 2020 to replenish the hygiene resources.

Also, if you are not able to purchase the items, please consider donating to AOPM online. Alamance Orange Prison Ministry is an approved 501c3 organization. Your financial gift is tax-deductible. EIN: #56-1597893. The ministry can purchase the items as well and pick them up. The gift of the month’s list is posted on the Alamance Orange Prison Ministry website.

January – Soap, bath size
February – Antiperspirant deodorant, Powder stick or solid only
March – Toothpaste, 6-8 oz.
April – Lotion, 21-32 oz
May – Shampoo, regular size bottle
June – Soap, bath size
July – Antiperspirant deodorant, Powder stick or solid only
August – Toothpaste, 6-8 oz.
September – Lotion, 21-32 oz
October – Shampoo, regular size bottle
November – Soap, bath size
December – Toothpaste, 6-8 oz.

Worship Calendar

All programs at OCC are temporarily suspended, but once programs resume, the chaplain will contact all churches to via email or telephone to inform them of their scheduled dates to host worship services at OCC on Sundays. Please reference AOPM’s website and Facebook page for current information regarding updates about OCC’s programs and Covid-19 news. Also, if you have any encouraging messages you would like to send to the residents at OCC, please email them to

The Next Chapter of AOPM:

It is with great joy to announce that the AOPM board has selected a new chaplain to carry the ministry forward at OCC. Please check AOPM’s website and Facebook page regularly as they will update AOPM supporters soon regarding their selection. If you have any questions or concerns before then, please contact the board chair, Kristine Zyczkiewicz or Chaplain Love at

Please pray for volunteer and former board member of AOPM, Dave Akins. He is currently in ICU at Moses Cones.


Chaplain Love