Summer 2021 Newsletter

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“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” Hebrews 13:3

Because of your support and prayers, it is with great joy to celebrate the great things that are happening at Orange Correctional Center.


Friends of Alamance Orange Prison Ministry,

It has now been a year since I first walked through the gate as the chaplain at Orange Correctional Center. We’ve been through a lot over the past twelve months. For one thing, a whole bunch of us have had Covid. Although things may be far from perfect at the moment, there’s a much better vibe than what we were putting out this time last year. There are no Covid cases, the vast majority of the men have been vaccinated, and it seems as if the gate is finally beginning to slowly creak back open. Families are coming in for monthly visits, and several of our men are now able to go out on work-release. There is still no word on the resumption of volunteer activities, but the fact that there is any movement at all is a clear indication of progress.

One of the positive happenings this summer is the “Something to Say” art exhibit taking place at Margaret Lane Art Gallery, beginning on July 28th. This exhibit will feature artwork from the residents of OCC and has been made possible due to a ton of help from the community. A special thanks goes out to the beautiful people at Eno Friends Meeting, Human Kindness Foundation, and Hillsborough Rotary. Several other individuals have donated time, effort, and supplies, and it has gone a long way to relieve some of the pressure felt by the men living inside the fence. Please try to make it to the gallery between July 28th, and August 22nd. Show your support for our guys and check out some cool artwork!


Chaplain Josh


Words From Inside

“Art is an outlet which gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in a positive and creative fashion. For me it has also become a therapeutic exercise in mental decompression that makes the week brighter. Thanks to our volunteers the occasions to draw along with the materials we have at our disposal have greatly improved.
Being given the space where we can comfortably work combined with a dedicated time each week is a gift and a blessing, something to look forward towards that breaks our monotonous daily routine.

I have found drawing to be another form of meditation in which I can mindfully invest myself without worry of outside distractions, moments that are otherwise difficult to find here in this setting. For a little while I can let down the walls and enjoy what is happening around me.

Though I have yet to meet any of the volunteers since arriving at Orange 13 months ago, you are affecting change in my life and I am truly grateful to all of you. Your effort, support, and compassionate hearts lend strength to those that are in need. To be thought of as a person instead of a number or offender is powerfully uplifting, giving hope and purpose to lost souls. I am hopeful our paths will cross in the near future so that I can express my gratitude in person. Until then…

Be Safe,
David B.”